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My philosophy is that the autonomous, transcendent, and universal qualities of art capture the human experience in all of its entirety. Through the many vectors of communication, human beings have found ineffable ways to portray emotions and ideas that cross cultures, beliefs, and realities. This ability to perceive and tap into the universal element of art is the reason why I have such a strong passion for creating it. I feel alive when I evoke my feelings through a medium rather than keeping them hidden in fear of ridicule and shame. My very sense of meaning blossoms when a mere stranger views my work and experiences the many dimensions of my being in very intimate ways. I live to grasp and connect the seemingly disjointed elements of life and show how we all, at an ethereal level, are deeply connected and meant to help one another find truth in our own, beautiful way.

My life journey started in Ukraine in 1988. Throughout my childhood, I desired to become an artist and live in America. Graduating from the Ukrainian National Forestry University with a degree in Interior Design, I found that I struggled with the norm and expectations of the contemporary art scene. So, I developed my own style! From time to time, I get visions from dreams and deep meditation. I would remember these visions and draw them to a canvas. Sometimes, they took finite form in symbolic shapes and colors. Other times, they come out strongly abstract. This is what I call my red frame.

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